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Create a world worth living in for future generations to come ...

Everyday we spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Organizations have a responsibility to provide a healthy and sustainable work environment where people thrive and are fulfilled. However, we believe it goes further and that organizations have to take accountability for their impact on people, society, and environment.

In the current world, business models and company cultures that are built on negative impact are becoming obsolete. Positive impact is name of the game, giving more than is being taken, and create ripple effects not only across supply chains, but across all stakeholders including clients, consumers, and most importantly the employees.

We believe in business for good and in the power of organizations to have a positive impact on their people and our world. And it all starts with a company culture centered around sustainability within the society and the enivronment, and the well-being of the people.


... by helping leaders build great company cultures for a thriving future ...

By creating a healthy and sustainable work environment where people thrive and are fulfilled the full potential of the people in the organizations can be unleashed.

Company culture requires constant nurturing and adaptation to a changing environment. The challenge is to achieve this while maintain the core essence of the organization. Leaders of organization play a central role as ambassadors of the culture and have to constantly ensure that the company culture and principles fulfil the needs of the organization and the people working for it.


... through coaching along the transformational journey.

We provide coaching and companionship for these efforts, which can go from smaller projects up to full-sized transformational journey, depending on where the company finds itself and what the ambition is. We focus on key areas, which we have identified as cornerstones to build the company of and for the future.

  • Purpose-driven Company Culture
  • Organizational Health
  • Strategy Integration
  • Peak Performance
Philippe Arnez, Founder of Culture4Flow
Culture Coach, Certified Working Genius Facilitator, High Flow Certified Coach
Our Values

We practice hopeful curiosity and joyful generosity in everything we do.

Curiosity is an intrinsic motivator and key for nurturing a growth mindset. We are curious about our clients, their journey, struggles, achievements, and aspiration. We meet them where they are and design a plan on how to help them moving towards where they want to go.

We are generous in everything we do and foster a service mindset. We go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed client expectation. We believe in paying it forward and that good intention create ripple effects beyond our imagination.

We consciously choose hope. We systematically look at the upside and are hopeful in that there is always a workable solution and way forward.

We want to spread joy and have fun in everything we do. Bring a positive and uplifting attitude, so we can all move towards a better future.